Why shouldn’t you study the results from a Check Your Knowledge quiz?

You do not want to copy the results of a Check Your Knowledge quiz and study them because you see only the correct answer and the answer you chose.

To learn the content enough that you can answer an essay question (not just memorize meaningless facts), you must see all parts of the question and—if you missed a question or just had a lucky guess—then go read the content for any question you missed.

To make it easy for you to see all parts of the question, to record what you missed, and to help you find content in the textbook or resources, I provide a copy of Quiz A with tips and a copy of Quiz A that is easy to print.

How can people answer 30 or more questions in 10 minutes allowed for a Check Your Knowledge Quizzes?


For the Check Your Knowledge quizzes, you WANT to do quickly without looking up anything. You want to know what your brain thinks is true before you read. If I give a longer time, students will start looking up stuff or pondering the answer to try to figure it out instead of measuring what is in their brains right now. Online reading is harder anyway and there seems to be a tendency to click quickly when online.


I have some students doing this to measure themselves:


1. There are links to all the questions in each quiz in the Unit 1 webpage "Everything You Need for This Unit (except the maps)" at the top of the Learning Module. You can print those out for recording or you can copy to your own computer the webpage of the quiz with tips. They also let you avoid reading online.


2. If you can’t afford to print the sheets, there are two ways out:

- Take a piece of notebook paper and write a number for each question.

- Type your answer for each question in a copy of the webpage.


3. Make a quick decision about what you think is the right answer and write the letter for your answer by the number.


4. Go type those decisions into the Check Your Knowledge Quiz.


5. Hit submit and see the results. Then record on whatever will work for you both the answer and what you missed and then start reading what you did not know.


FYI: Why the other versions of the quiz are only 10 minutes?

As for the regular quizzes, there are only 10 questions at 1 minute a question. When I first began working here, the departmental policy was 1 minute per question. That has been more time than people needed for the objective exams from what I have seen for years.



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