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With most written work for professors (or bosses), if asked, you must be able to state exactly where (a specific page) in the source that each fact came from—whether you wrote the words or the author did. With many college assignments, you must provide citations and use a specific standard (such as MLA, APA, or the Chicago Manual of Style).



In this course with most written assignments, you do not need to provide citations (the specific page number from our textbook) unless I cannot recognize where the fact came from. If you cite, I certainly do not penalize people, but you must be accurate.


Whether you cite or not:

·         If I cannot recognize where the fact came from, then you must show me the location on the page or—if you are a distance learning student—talk with me by phone.

·         Your evidence cannot be a vague statement: if a reasonable person using a reliable dictionary and reading the entire passage would not agree that you have evidence for what you say, then neither will I.


If you ask to do the more challenging alternative assignment instead of the essays for Unit 2, then you must cite according to the instructions.



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