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If you want, hear what’s written below: How does this apply to this class?


This shows a page I showed by students in face-to-face classes so they knew what to do with the copies of their Practice Essays. Now your essay may have color highlights in green for an “A” or “B” or “C” Paper and also have some things marked the “D” Paper and “F” Paper columns. Underlining tell you the specifics for your paper. For the definitions of terms used



How Does This Grading Method Apply to This Class?

It has taken a while to think through how to help students whose but eventually I found ways:

·         Not only that I could easily see how students were working with a source

·         But also that students could relatively easily see how they were working for themselves
and they could decide if how they were working matched what they needed to do for the future they want
How do I do this:
First, I use a weighted rubric to tell you what the grade will be for this and other essays if you keep working how you are working.

Second, if you choose to do this, I offer an extra credit of 10 points that reveals to you how you work and that only requires that you copy your Practice Essay and then the instructions tell you to either underline (like this) or strike through (like this) some of your words.



Students can decide either way:

·         EITHER you can reply back with this statement to your instructor:

I have read the rubric and your comments. I understand that if I continue to work how that I worked on this essay that my grade will be as low or lower on the other essays. I realize I made a total of <insert your grade here> points out of 10 points for the Practice Essay.

I understand that I have an opportunity to earn 10 extra credit points by following instructions that my instructor believes will help me see how I work with the source. At this time, I do not choose to follow those instructions.


My understanding is when you received this Reply from me, that you will enter 2 points for the Practice Essays extra credit and that will call Blackboard to display the Essays for Unit 1. 

·         OR you can reply back with this statement to your instructor:

I will be following the instructions in the link below. I understand that I am NOT re-writing or editing or doing anything like that.


Instead I understand that I am:

·         ONLY underlining words (like this) if my instructions say to do that

·         ONLY striking through words (like this) if my instructions say to do that


I also understand that--if I have any confusion in what I am to do--that I need to email in Blackboard asking for a phone conference. Also, I understand that when I complete the instructions, the fastest way to be able to see Unit 1’s essays is to email you my underlined and are struck through words and talk to you by phone about them.





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