How Does Your Instructor Grade Your Written Assignments?

The Instructor’s Basic Method

Because the goal of writing is to help you learn our nation’s history and the priority is for you to be accurate, I grade your writing by comparing what you wrote side by side with the facts in the textbook (and, when they are required for an assignment, the primaries you used).


With written assignments, I sort them so I can grade all of the writings at one time. What you write at the top of the page (covered in the instructions) lets me sort all of same question.


1.     I place side by side these things. (With distance learning classes, I download the submissions, print them, and then place them side by side.)

·         On the left, the textbook opened to the probable section or sections students should have used.

·         On the right, a stack of all the submissions of students’ papers on that question from

I also have a stack of rubrics to mark and a matrix for recording the class results so I can see the pattern in the class work.


In other words. I make it possible to grade your work very accurately and as fast as possible.

The source turned to the exact page the student should have used or the content




Name & Textbook Info

Your Question


What you wrote for your written assignment with your


Grid page (from Banner) that I use to chart the grade, which question you wrote on, and—if you missed a Good Habit for Evidence—which one









2.     I use the rubric or an equivalent for feedback and grade each student’s submissions one by one. (With distance learning classes, it takes additional time to enter the results in the rubric or equivalent for the feedback.)

3.     I then repeat the steps above with the next question.



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