What is the best way to prepare for the exams?

For objective exams, use the Check Your Knowledge quizzes to test your current knowledge. Read what you do not know. Memorization does not work. There are also practice versions of the same quizzes if you find that helps you.

For essay exams, use the link at the top of each Unit webpage (at the top of the unit). It lists all the possible questions so you know what to read. If you can’t find information, you can email me and I will add to the list some tips that everyone can see.

For my method for planning practical essays, more information, click here for a  Method to Read, Understand, and Write Fast


For general success, use these resources:

·         In the course--the Unit webpage "Everything You Need for This Unit (except the maps),” including things to help you self-test in history.

·         In the discussion for the Units—ask for the help you need.

·         With your prof—if you post asking for help and no student responds in a few days, then I can offer content and make it visible to everyone.


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