Organizing Posts by Using Threads

If your question is about information in a thread already created by another student, then you must post within that thread. Blackboard provides video tutorials on using its Discussion tool. Learning about the tools will save you time. These two examples may help you understand:

         When posting within a thread is useful for your colleagues in the class

         When sometimes creating a new thread is useful

Example 1: If another student had posted a new message about where to find information in the textbook for a specific quiz question and if you have the answer, you need to reply within the existing thread:

1.     Be sure no one has already answered by reading any replies in that thread.

2.    If no one has answered, then you can. Click on the message, click Reply, and then click Submit.
Tip: It is fine to change the subject line so everyone knows what you mean.

Example 2: On the other hand, if you need help finding information for a different quiz question, you need to create a new thread:

1.     Click on Create Thread and write in the Subject line something that reveals your question such as Need help on Quiz A question 10.

Tip: Just copy the question and its answers into the Message box.

2.    In the body of the message, you would make your question as brief and clear as you can.

3.    When you finish, click Submit.



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