What are the three versions of the quizzes for?

There are three versions of each quiz:

  1. Check Your Knowledge quizzes – Measures your current knowledge so you know what you need to read (.01 point extra credit per question in the quiz)
    Never prepare for these. You are testing your own CURRENT knowledge so you know your strengths and weaknesses.
    Requires the password onetimeonly
  2. PRACTICE ONLY quizzes – Lets you practice as much as you want (no points, but unlimited retakes).
  3. The real 10-point quiz
    Prepare for these by reading carefully everything you missed in the check your knowledge version. If needed, ask questions. Do NOT memorize what you do not understand.
    Requires the password onetimeonly

What should Blackboard display after you take a Check Your Knowledge quiz?

When you start out, all you see is the Check Your Knowledge quizzes for the Unit.

1.    You click the 1st Check Your Knowledge quiz.
Example: you take Quiz A_ec Check Your Knowledge.

2.    Blackboard automatically displays its Practice quiz and its real one
Example: you see both
- Quiz A - PRACTICE ONLY (no points, but unlimited retakes)
- Quiz A (10 points, onetime only)

How Can You Use the Three Versions of the Quizzes to Help You Learn—And How Does the Extra Credit Work with Quizzes?

1. Let’s say you take Quiz A_ec – Check Your Knowledge a few days before the due date for the extra credit. Let’s pretend you got about ½ of them right.

2. You started reading everything you missed and you record those page numbers on your printable version of Quiz A that you got from the Unit 1 webpage. You check the Unit 1 Ask and Answer discussion topic and post when you can’t find the section of the book to use.

3. You periodically take the PRACTICE ONLY version of Quiz A to check on how well your brain is holding this new information.

4. On the date in the Course Schedule for the extra credit, you think you are ready. You take Quiz A—the one you can only take 1 time. You make 9 (Yes!).

5. The next day, I go enter 2 points in the A_ec block at My Grades.

In other words, I reward you guys for doing things that help you succeed.


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