How to Do Use the Videos and Do Video Assignments

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Basic Questions and Answers about Locating Videos

Basic Question

Brief Answer

How can students find videos that let them see footage of past events or people?

You can search a webpage listing the Dallas TeleLearning collection:

         If you are taking United States History I, click here for the U.S. History I collection

         If you are taking United States History II, click here for the U.S. History II collection


The top of each link tells you the basics of searching a webpage and the specifics of searching this collection.

Basic Questions and Answers about Video Assignments

Basic Question

Brief Answer

What is the goal of Video Assignments in the course?

The goal is to be careful in watching the videos so you are factually accurate in writing about changes over time.


You are not writing a summary of each of the video. The purpose is to see how history changes on some issue during the time period covered by the Unit.

How can students download and upload the file with very brief questions they answer.

1.    You download the file from the Video Assignment (a Blackboard tool).

2.    You view the videos listed in the file.

3.    You complete the file.

4.    You return to the same place where you downloaded the file and upload your completed one.

Is there a rubric used in grading?

Click here to see the rubric.



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