What’s the purpose of looking at the videos and the report I fill out?

The Dallas TeleLearning Videos are excellent and they are available in our course. The assignment is brief and uses a form that you download, complete, and upload using Blackboard Assignment Tool.


The purpose of this assignment is to help you observe carefully the changes over the time period covered by the Unit. The purpose is

·         not to summarize each video

·         not to write a lot of words


To quote the syllabus:

3 Video Assignments—Minor Extra Credits to Help You See How History Changes During the Unit

You are welcome to look at any videos, but for the extra credit (5 points) you can only use the videos listed in the file provided.


The resource at the top of Videos & Assignments provides links to information, including on how to use the Blackboard Assignment Tool and to the Rubric used in grading these assignments.


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