How can I choose my videos?

Before you write your answers, you need to choose your probable videos. You do that by thinking about what you want to see (such as what happened to workers) and then using the Searchable List.


The Searchable List shows you all of the videos that the Dallas Telelearning group created (and the Virtual College of Texas lets us use). It also tells you how to search and bring up a Find box if you do not already know.


·         Depending on the browser, the Find box may be at the top, bottom, or perhaps other places.

·         Use the textbook (or the quizzes) to find the names of people or events you want to know about and then go use the Find box to see whether the videos cover that person or event.


Once you find a video that you want to look at, be sure to copy and paste somewhere:

·         The folder name – The bold title above a list (The videos are grouped by folders with those names.)

·         The video name – The name in the left column of the list


You choose:

·         1 video from about the 1st part of the time period

·         1 video from about in the middle of the time period

·         1 video from about the end of the time period


Will I lose points if each of my videos does not exactly match the content covered for that Part of the Unit (like Part A, B, or C in Unit 1)?

I'm not going to zap people for matching the chapter numbers for each Part--because the parts frequently cover more than one chapter. I just want you to SEE real people at about the beginning, middle, and end of the time period covered by the Unit. I let you chose the issue.


Why would I do this? Students frequently think that their own lives reveal the past.

·         Yes, in such basics as survival and love of children, our lives do reveal the past.

·         But, our lives are not the same as those in the past and you need to SEE them to catch on. One reason OUR lives are different from THEIRS is because they fought for things to be different in the nation for their sakes, their kids' sake, and—as it turned out—OURs.



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