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Collection of the FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) Provided Throughout the Course 

Reminder: You will have an easier time with links if you open them in a New Window. If you do not know how to do this, click here for tips. (This includes how to save these files from the Internet.) If you need help, just ask.


People are different and their needs are different. Here’s how to find out if there is something here to help you:

1.    Scan down the left column until you find what you want.

2.    Read across to the Examples column to be sure that is likely to have what you want.

3.    Read across to the Link column and click.
If it does not have what you want, you can always click the Back button on the browser.


Note to Students: If what you want to do is not covered here, email me or post your question in Course Questions. Glad to help you.


FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) for Doing Things in This Course


What You Want to Do

Examples of What’s in the Link

Link to Click On

Blackboard, use its tools and interpret the icons

Videos for students that Blackboard created before 2012—but they still help me

Common icons for content and what those icons tell you

“Blackboard Technical Tips  - Note: as of 3/23/14, I saw a Blackboard announcement about moving their videos so this may be changing. The icon information should still help you.

Discussions, how to do general posting

Tips for posting and what is expected in this class

"How to Do Any Type of Discussion Posting"

Discussions, how to go to your Discussion Working Groups

Gives the steps for where you click to reach your working group.

How to Go to Your Working Group - Each student is in one of the working groups.

Discussions, how to help yourself and others and earn points in graded discussions

What to you can ask and answer in the postings, examples of posts, the rubric for grading

"How to Do Graded Discussion Working Groups for Each Unit"

My Grades, how to interpreting grades for different types of assignments

If you want to see how to interpret grades for different types of assignments, use the links to the right:

Scale for 170-point Unit Objective Exams (Units 1, 2, and 3)


Scale for 20-point Unit Essay Exams (Unit 1 and 2)


Scale for 100- Point Major Essay


Quick Links to Match Specific Situations


What Your Situation Is

Examples of What’s in the Link

Link to Click On

I have little background in how to use the Internet, but I had to take a distance learning course

Use this link if:

·         you get lost on the internet

·         you tend to print too much

·         you can’t find things on a web page (or a file)

“Basic Internet Tips”




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