Orientation to Good Habits for Evidence

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You Need to Check Your Knowledge to Determine If You Already Know These Good Habits for Evidence  

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1.     “Work” the heading

2.     What the numbers say and then click on the links to

o    Citation project -91% of 1832 citations did not show writers were able to “compress”

o    Plagiarism in I Age – 18 of 18 in a “research writing course” - “work at sentence level must always quote or paraphrase.

o    Students’ self-report since Spring 2011 showed over 50% of responses did not know they needed to be factually accurate (reading)

3.     What’s in common with the 3?

All compared the writing and the citation with the source – proof and obvious


If You Want to Click on the Links for Yourself:

·         The Citation Project – 20 researchers, 164 papers from “first year composition classes,” and 1,832 citations

·         “Plagiarism in the Internet Age”

·         Surveys of students from Spring 2011 on whether they need to be factually accurate when writing about history

·         How Your Instructor Grades with the Source and Your Written Work side by Side



I Age



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4.       Summary -- the desired form of citation because it demonstrates true understanding of a large portion, if not the entirety, of the original text; summarizing was identified by the researchers when student writers restated in their own terms the source material and compressed by at least 50 percent the main points of at least three consecutive sentences.

Only 9 percent of the citations were categorized as summary. “That's the stunning part, I think: 91 percent are citations to material that isn't composing,” said Jamieson. “They don't digest the ideas in the material cited and put it in their own words.”




they found that none of the 18 papers contained any summary of the overall argument of a source. [summary means the read compressed]

A writer who works only at the sentence level must always quote or paraphrase.




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