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Why You Want to Use This Folder and How to Use It in the Easiest Way

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What Do You Want to Know?

Video to Use and Tips on Using It

Links Shown or Mentioned in the Video That You May Want to See

Why you want to use this folder

Writing, critical thinking, analysis, figuring things outóall are not a matter of smarts, but of prior experiences and the habits you developed from those experiences.


You may already have some or all of these habits. If not, you can:

1.       Choose to develop good habits for evidence.

2.       Practice them with the assignments in this course until those habits come naturally to you.


The easiest way to convince you is to talk about skills and jobs.


Would anyone pay you for this skill?

How to use this folder in the easiest way

The folder is split into 3 sections.


In the section of the folder Introducing Yourself to the 5 Good Habits for Evidence and Answering Your Own Questions Using Videos, donít try to do everything at once:

         Today, do each link that is required for the Responsibility form that you must submit.

         As you do assignments, come back to these links for how to work.


In the section of the folder Downloading, Completing, and Submitting the Required Form, be sure to follow the steps:

1.       To download, complete, and save your file.

2.       To submit your file to Turnitin in Blackboard


In the section of the folder Using Resources to Help You Understand Evidence, donít try to do everything at once:

         Today, look at the definition of any word that keeps you from understanding or at any of the Bedford page on a habit you do not understand

         As you do assignments, use these resources as needed.


How to use this folder in the easiest way



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