Your name____________________________ Put an X in the left column for each action you had to do with your paper.


Did you omit doing what you needed to do (where)

If you did not, do this to your form or paper NEATLY


Examine the rubric for how Comparisons are graded. (Feedback link—direct to Good Habits for Evidence)

Seeing the rubric and doing what’s below, do you understand the grade?   _Yes   _No (if not, glad to talk to you.)


Examine the example of a Comparison. (What’s a … )

Seeing the example, did you write a Comparison?   _Yes   _No


Use required file and headings (File...)

Correct the heading. Notice all parts and the order in the file.


Write on 1 of the listed topics. (Instructions link)

If not, draw a single line vertically through your paper.


Write on each part of the topic. (“)

If not, through your centered, copied topic draw a single line horizontally through the part you did not cover.


Do your 5 Ws chart, 1-3 word reminders, page # (“)

If not done, initial here __; if not done by directions, initial here __.


Meet each requirement for the topics. (“)
Note: I may have marked Fact N/A.

If not, draw a single line horizontally through each statement that does not meet requirements. I will give examples.


Use only the required pages listed for your chosen topic and read with care the cautions (Contents link) and, if still confused, read the definitions file and ask!

If not, draw a single line horizontally through each statement that is not from the required pages. If you used website(s), write the URL(s) or initial here __ that you will email the URL(s).


Read all pages listed for your topic (Contents link)

If not, list at the end of your paper what pages you omitted.


Use the Essential Background—all of it that is applicable to your chosen topic. (“).

If not, list at the end of your paper what you omitted or misread or misinterpreted. I will give examples.


Cited using my brief or the detailed version of Chicago provided in the course. (What’s a … )

If not, initial here ___ that you now understand it or ask questions. (I will show you a new visual.)


Cited all facts you used--whether a fact in the author’s word (a quotation) or a fact in your own words. (“)

If not, neatly write after the fact a single page number that supports what you said or—if you can’t find one—draw a single line horizontally through those unsupported statements.


Cited no facts at all.  (“)

With inaccuracy problems, compare your book and your words word by word; with quotations, compare letter by letter.


Did you do things like this

If you did, do this to your paper NEATLY


Wrote inaccurately (I marked words such as Assumed, Embellished, Cherry picked, or Misread.)

Compare your book side-by-side with what you wrote. If you don’t understand exactly why the comment, ask.


Changed the words between “”

 Insert the omitted or changed words; strike out added words


Used the author’s words without “” (I marked P.Writing or H-C. If I marked Repeated Errors >, check all words.)

Underline each word or part of a word you copied so you see how much you are copying (Don’t try to correct with “”.) I will show you Bedford that this is a standard.


Misused a “” (I marked Changed meaning)

Draw a single line horizontally through the statement






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