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1) Look at the student’s work.

Hawaii Annexation

The Spanish American War was historically significant because it further propelled the united States into a strong force. Being that I am a Marine, the historical battles that blazed the way for future generations is specifically important to me. The war gained our young and in-experienced country the extra knowledge of foreign policy experience along with the knowing that Spain, once being a stronger power in the world than the once 13 colonies and now growing Us that their Naval ambitions and naval hardware were a formidable force. The most important issue that came out of this "splendid little war" was that the Hawaiian Islands were once again brought to the table for annexation into the Union, thus creating an important "mid-way" point, although not Midways itself, but a distant and important gain for the unkown years to come in WW2.


2) Mark an X in the 1st column if you can answer any of these questions about this student’s work.



Did the student read and write the facts accurately? Can you prove it?



Did the student write in his own words? Or did the student do what The Bedford Handbook calls “unacceptable borrowing” or plagiarism? Can you prove it?



Did the student use facts not in the common source—or rely on memory or perhaps make up something? Can you prove it?



Did the student seem to understand the facts? Can you prove it?


3) Now click on the link to the right of this one. Using that link, compare the student’s work with the source that the student used. If your answer to a question above is different, mark an X in the 2nd column.








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