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1) Look at the student’s work.

Hawaii Annexation

Hawaii Annexation started with the treaty signed in 1875, This treaty gave Hawaii free taxes into the United States on their sugar and other products produced by the Hawaiians. However, Hawaii had to agree not to have the same agreement with any other country. Therefore, the United States had the right to use Pearl Harbor. Then their was conflict with the Queen of Hawaii. She didn't like the fact that the Americans seem to have more power.The event of the removal of the McKinley Tariff made the Hawaiian sugar industry decrease and made their economy worse than before. In 1892, Hawaiian legislature and queen disagreed on having the americans in their country; therefore, the queen took away any power the americans had with the previous treaty. In February 14,1893, the United States formed a treaty for annexation.



2) Mark an X in the 1st column if you can answer any of these questions about this student’s work.



Did the student read and write the facts accurately? Can you prove it?



Did the student write in his own words? Or did the student do what The Bedford Handbook calls “unacceptable borrowing” or plagiarism? Can you prove it?



Did the student use facts not in the common source—or rely on memory or perhaps make up something? Can you prove it?



Did the student seem to understand the facts? Can you prove it?


3) Now click on the link to the right of this one. Using that link, compare the student’s work with the source that the student used. If your answer to a question above is different, mark an X in the 2nd column.








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