WCJC Student Syllabus

June 2017 Revision

Semester and Year

Fall 2018


CRN 10886

Course Prefix, Num. and Title

HIST 1302-403 - United States History II


C.J. Bibus, Ed.D.



Email / Webpage


Faculty Web Page (opens in same window/tab) http://facultyweb.wcjc.edu/cbibus/

Office Hours / Location

Richmond, 240G: 10:20-10:50 AM (Monday, Friday), 9:50-10:50 AM, 1:00-1:30 PM (Wednesday). Sugar Land, 234: 9:25-10:40 AM (Tuesday, Thursday), 12:15-2:15 PM (Tuesday), 12:15-1:15 PM (Thursday). Or by appointment.

Class Days / Time / Location

Monday, Wednesday, Friday / 11:00-11:50 PM / FBTC 211

Course Catalog Description


A survey of the social, political, economic, cultural, and intellectual history of the United States from the Civil War/Reconstruction era to the present. United States History II examines industrialization, immigration, world wars, the Great Depression, Cold War and post-Cold War eras. Themes that may be addressed in United States History II include: American culture, religion, civil and human rights, technological change, economic change, immigration and migration, urbanization and suburbanization, the expansion of the federal government, and the study of U.S. foreign policy.

Instructor’s Grading Formula

Objective work includes Learning Quizzes on concepts, Evidence Quizzes, 3 Unit Exams, and a Departmental Final Exam. Written work is a 3-part writing assignment to develop your skills by using prior feedback and working with evidence and primaries. See the syllabus for course policies, exam dates, grading policies, and points for types of assignments and for the final letter grade.

Instructor’s Grading Scale

895 – 1000, A (exceptional)

795 – 894, B (above average)

695 – 794, C (average)

595 – 694, D (below average)

Below 595, F (failing)

Instructor’s Attendance Policy

Attendance will be taken daily at the beginning of the class using a seating chart.

ADA Statement


The college will make reasonable accommodations for students with documented disabilities. Students wishing to receive accommodations must contact the Office of Disability Services, located in the Pioneer Student Center, Room 313, at the Wharton campus or by phone at (979) 532-6384. Students must request accommodations from the Office of Disability Services prior to each semester. Please note that accommodations provided are not retroactive. Additional information can be found on the web at the Office of Disability Services (opens in same window/tab). Link Address: http://wcjc.edu/About-Us/administration/offices/student-services/disability-services.aspx.

Misconduct Statement

Misconduct for which discipline may be administered at WCJC includes, but is not limited to, cheating, plagiarism, or knowingly furnishing false information to the college (plagiarism and cheating refer to the use of unauthorized books, notes, or otherwise securing help in a test, copying tests, assignments, reports, or term papers).

Last Day to Drop with a “W”

November 16, 2018