How a Self-Test and a Full-Test and Incentives for Learning Can Help You

To repeat the Syllabus: Whether Learning Quizzes (concepts and map locations) or Evidence Quizzes (basics of evidence), quizzes consist of:

         A self-test so you find out what you know and you do not know. The name is self-test because you are testing yourself so you know what you need to do.) The goal is positive so no points are lost. Self-Tests are extra credit and have questions that are only worth .01. (A .01 is so small that it is equivalent to a penny compared to a dollar.)
Tip: On the other hand, it is in your interest to answer Self-Tests accurately so measure your own brain accurately for 2 reasons:

1.       You want to know what you know and do not know so you can work efficiently and correct or complete what you do not know.

2.       If you already know the content in the Self-Test and prove that by being correct on over 80% of the questions on that Self-Test, you earn the points for its Full-Test without taking it.
The instructor enters those points at the end of each Unit after the Learning Quizzes close.

         Once you submit the self-test, Blackboard automatically displays additional content (if needed) and a Full-Test that has so that you can earn full points while teaching yourself the vocabulary and map locations you do not know. You may repeat as many times as you wish, and your highest score counts.


Click here for a visual showing how Self-Tests work and for how the incentive works.