Self-tests are to help you discover what you know and do not know. Research supports that this one of the keys to learning successfully. You are not to look anything up or to worry, but just force your brain to answer what it thinks now. The self-tests have questions at .01 each and they are not part of the 1000 total points. In other words, you can test yourself to find out what you know and do not know at no loss in points.

The full-tests have questions at 1 each (or 2 each if the test is in sets where you may see one of two or more possible questions). Unlike self-tests, you can take the full-tests as many times as you want. The highest score counts. In other words, it pays to persist until you learn all the words or locations.

An incentive (exists if you missed questions on the self-test. It works in this way:

         You take the full-test (to teach yourself what you missed) until you have everyone correct.

         On the Recommended date for that quiz, I will enter the points you did not get on the self-test.



1.       The self-test was worth 10 points.

2.       You only got 4 right. (You are short 6 of the possible points)

3.       You take the full test until you have 10 points.

4.       On the recommended date, I enter 6 in the Incentive.