How to Do Your Video Form

Caution: These videos can be addictive. They are beautifully done, but keep a balance so you do your other assignments.

Required Top Line of the Visual Form

In 1 row across the top line, your first and last name, the words Unit # Video Form, and either the words TT 8 AM, TT 10:50 AM, MWF 11 PM, or MWF 12 PM

3 Required Headings That You Cover

Tips: Black headings instead of blue are fine. Bullets are fine with the second and third headings.

Exact Title of the Video
In Chronological Order, Three Facts That Are Representative of the Content in the Video
Three Facts from the Video that Every 1st Year College History Student Should Know and Why (Briefly)

Required Citation

Use the transcript as the source for the citation and parentheses—( )—to identify it.  Citation for a fact always go after the fact. The transcript provides a time for all sections so you can easily communicate where your information is from. Examples: Your sentence or bullet (03:40). Another sentence or bullet (09:50). A sentence or bullet that compares 1 place (13:40) with another (14:40). 

Required 5 Good Habits for Evidence with the Video Form, Not Just Formal Writing

Refresh your memory on the the 5 Good Habits for Evidence. Link Address:

If you do not follow one of the Good Habits for Evidence, I will write its number in the left margin and sometimes a brief phrase. Tip: never try to be exciting. Be useful and true.

Required Good Habits of Working

Save yourself from misery and lost points. Do these things:

1.       Save your file in case you have to redo something. Tip: if you get the format correct in the first file, then start with the file to do the Unit 2 Video Form and later the Unit 3 Video Form.

2.       Proof your work before you submit it. What does proof mean? Compare side by side paper and source to be sure transcript numbers and facts and names and quotations and everything is correct. Guys, develop habits of work to match the way you want to be paid.

3.       Proof your appearance. If you are inexperienced with files, you may change everything without meaning to if you copy in information from a different file. Example: If you copy words from the transcript your computer may apply a different sized font and spacing. To avoid problems, when you copy text for a quotation, change it immediately to 11 point Calibri. 

4.       Be brief and most certainly keep any quotation very brief.

Required Format for the Video Form (and Also for Formal Writing Work)

Do each of these things.


11 point Calibri font


Never more than 1 printed page


1” on the left and .5” on the right    (FYI: I need those margins when I grade.)