What will be in the email to the students

In grading the papers, I realized that you probably needed the same presentation that I gave to my on-campus classes so I’ve tried videos. These videos are very short and very rough. They are made with Jing—a free product and have Jing’s advertisement at the top.


Click on the link below or copy it into a browser. Then read the column “What Do You Want to Know?” to find videos you might want to use.


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 below is what is in the file  

The stuff in the videos is what I am worried about, not the right column.

I have 4 left—the 3 bullets and the one in the last row>


Videos to Help You

Scan down the column “What Do You Want to Know?” to find questions you want answered. Then look to the right for the link to the video. If you want to see what is shown in the video, look at the right column.

What Do You Want to Know?

Video to Use and Tips on Using It

Links Shown in the Video or Recommended

Where do the handwritten numbers on your rubric come from?

Rubric Used with the Points Chart for a 20-Point Comparison  Tip: Toward the end of the video, you will need to scroll to the right to see where the last number on the Points Chart.

Copy of the Rubric in Color


Points Chart for a 20-Point Comparison

Where and how are the 5 Good Habits for Evidence measured with the rubric?

5 Good Habits for Evidence and the Rubric

Tip: If you are writing for a boss or professor who does not want citations, you can write citations with endnotes as you work. When done, you copy your file for the boss or professor and remove the endnotes.

Would anyone pay you?

How you can see your error with a Good Habits for Evidence and find where the error is in your paper?

Marks in the rubric and how you find that error on a specific line of your paper


Checklist Including How to Proof (Catch Your Own Errors)

Most of the proofing instructions are at the bottom of the link.

What do the highlights mean on your paper?

To speed up the work and to identify errors quickly, I highlight with two different colors. For example, I might use:

·         Pink for all words you have placed in quotation marks (“”).

·         Blue for all endnotes and other information about evidence


What the feedback on the 5Ws Chart means?

Doing Better and Faster Work with the  Feedback on the 5Ws Chart


What could you do to be more effective with the 5Ws Chart and endnotes and your writing assignment?

The same example is used for 3 videos:

·         How to be more effective with the 5 Ws Chart

·         How to use endnotes with Microsoft Word

·         How to use a 5Ws chart for a factually accurate Comparison or the alternative assignment of two summaries

Example of 5 Ws Chart  

Why the Good Habits for Evidence grade is separate from the grade for the Comparison itself

Very short