1.       Passing out

·         WCJC’s form

·         Banner sheet as of this morning

·         MY form – we fill this in together

2.       Cover page and disability issues and timing

3.       Textbook

·         Title etc.

·         “Lessons” in the class (a textbook with bullets and tables)

·         Testing in this class
To help you understand history as whole rather than repeat bits of stories, exams for your course do not require that you know everything, but that you know something. Click here for the type of questions on the exams.

·         Method if need more information than lessons – Lenders (or Ask!)

·         Method for required writing

4.       RAVE – do register with them – their message   

5.       RAVE – a question – say in class or if issue please write at top of Your Plan

6.       Next class day

·         Pre-test – why I value it and why you should

·         Seating chart – Sit where you want to stay for the term. Guys, if you are not following the requirements for the Self-Management grade, I will move you for your sake and others.

·         Bring Pencil

·         Bring skinny scantron

7.       Working through your plan together – First, page 2; second, page 1


·         http://www.cjbibus.com/Emergency_Contact_Info_and_Course_Plan_For_GradeOC_Spring2018_OC.htm

·         http://www.cjbibus.com/HIST_1302_F2F_Spring_2018_CRN20351_coversheet_policies.htm