1.       WCJC’s form – Start that around

·         Sign your name

·         Print your name – Why?

2.       QEP – Request of Tracy Emmons, the Director of Instructional Assessment, QEP Coordinator

Please read to students during all classes on Monday, August 27th and Tuesday, August 28th.    

In case you haven’t heard, WCJC is starting a movement to give students the tools to:

CHOOSE the correct major,

CONNECT with helpful people at the college,

and COMPLETE your degree or transfer faster!

The name of this movement is WCJC’s QEP (Quality Enhancement Plan) Destination Bound:  Choose. Connect. Complete.   To find out more see the WCJC Homepage. 



3.       Plus the idea of being “intentional”  -

4.       Banner sheet as of this morning  -I will run around and you will initial to the left of the number that you are here.
Tip: It’s in alphabetical order by the last name.

5.       MY form




6.       Cover page and disability issues and timing

7.       Textbook

8.       Parking at WCJC

·         If you are Richmond only – Front desk

·         If you are at Sugar Land only (but I would not count on it)

·         If you are at both


10.   RAVE – do register with them – their message   

11.   RAVE – a reality of the times

12.   Next class day

o   Pre-test – why I value it and why you should

o   Seating chart

o   Pencil

o   Scantron

13.   Working through your plan together