History – Dr. Bibus

1.       WCJC’s form – Start that around

·         Sign your name

·         Print your name – Why?

2.       QEP – Request of Tracy Emmons, the Director of Instructional Assessment, QEP Coordinator

Please read to students during all classes on Monday, August 27th and Tuesday, August 28th.

In case you haven’t heard, WCJC is starting a movement to give students the tools to:

CHOOSE the correct major,

CONNECT with helpful people at the college,

and COMPLETE your degree or transfer faster!

The name of this movement is WCJC’s QEP (Quality Enhancement Plan) Destination Bound:  Choose. Connect. Complete.   To find out more see the WCJC Homepage. 


3.       Plus the idea of success as requiring people to be “intentional”
In cognition, some people talk about success as metacognition – “thinking about thinking”
In the social sciences such as history, some people (including me) talk about success as good “habits” about thinking

4.       Next class day

o   Pre-test – why I value it and why you should

o   Seating chart  - so sit where you want to be, but do not sit next your best buddy

o   Bring a pencil

o   Bring a skinny Scan-tron

5.       MY form – Your course plan  It looks like the List of Due Dates

·         List of Due Dates - What you keep and what I recommend your write down what assignments you marked


·         What you write on and return to me today or—if you need more time—the next class day.

Typical Question: Do I really have to write?
Yes, the Department also requires that instructors’ courses consist of a minimum of 25% written assignments. With 25% specific written work, you must do some written assignments—or—only want a C for the course and always make 100% on each objective assignment (a risky plan). If you don’t understand, click here to see examples of the math


6.       Banner sheet as of this morning  -I will run around and you will initial to the left of the number that you are here.
Tip: It’s in alphabetical order by the last name.

7.       Cover page and disability issues and timing
This statement is the same on any syllabus cover page - http://www.cjbibus.com/HIST_1301_F2F_Fall_2018_CRN10879_1st2Pages.htm 

8.       Textbook title and ISPN
Tip: Ctrl+F in the Searchable Syllabus- http://www.cjbibus.com/HIST_1301_1302_F2F_Fall_2018_Searchable_Syllabus.htm

·         Unit Exam questions are about patterns

·         Plus an offer to sign out basic textbooks for the term. I will bring them with me the 2 days after Labor Day. You will need to walk out to my car if you want to borrow one.

·         Tip: Plus a way to have the specific pages from the textbook for the writing assignments.

9.       Parking at WCJC     https://www.wcjc.edu/About-Us/administration/offices/security/parking.aspx - The rules are at the top and the forms you have to fill in for Wharton and for University of Houston at Sugar Land are at the bottom

·         If you are Richmond only – Front desk

·         If you are at Sugar Land only (but I would not count on it)  - Ticketing starts Wednesday

·         If you are at both, you need both


10.   RAVE – do register with them – https://www.getrave.com/login/wcjc
For WCJC’s security home page: https://www.wcjc.edu/About-Us/administration/offices/security/

11.   Locking the doors  - For security reasons, the door will be locked 5 minutes after the beginning of the class and remain locked until the end of class. (I have an alarm set on my phone for 5 minutes after the start of class.)

12.   Working through your plan together

If time, history is a social science but some people label it as one of the liberal arts. What’s that?