New opportunity to earn points in this forum – and an increase from 10 to 30 points in this forum

Chapter 1 InQuizitive was very fine, but Chapter 2 InQuizitive dealt with harder content and it has some problems that I found just by trying to act like a student. On the other hand, it is a very promising product that could help many students. Also the publisher of the textbook and of InQuizitive is very responsive to information from professors and students. They want this to be the best resource for students and they value feedback from you all.

You could help each other not waste time when learning, help your instructor be sure you succeed, and help future students using InQuizitive have a more powerful tool. How could you do that? By posting these kinds of things in the Students Helping Students with History forum:

1.       Places where InQuizitive doesn’t let you do something that you expect.
Example: a question shows 4 things that match 4 other things, but InQuizitive does not work when you try to make the 4th match.   Find this place and report it. There is at least one other place that has a movement problem with answers.
How would you report this kind of problem?
- In the Subject line for your posting, write Problem in Chapter 2 InQuizitive and the first 4 words of the question. That way other students can see if you found something they need.
- In the body of the message, say what is happening briefly.
- Attach a file (a Snippet) showing a picture of the problem with the screen. In your Snippet also copy the date and time (usually in the right hand corner of the screen).
(Tip: If you don’t already know how to make a Snippet, try looking at your menu of programs and see if it has one called Snipping Tool. Click on it. It shows a little crosshair that looks like a + sign and you can drag the crosshairs to the corners where you want to “snip” the screen. You then click File and Save As and give the file a name.


2.       Places where InQuizitive explains something differently than the textbook.

Example: the feedback for one question says the Puritans did something, but the textbook says the Separatists did this. (Tip: Followers of John Calvin in England had some commonalities and differences. Puritans wanted to stay within the Church of England and purify it; Separatists wanted to separate from it.) Find that place and report it. You may find more than 1.
How would you report this kind of problem?

Use the instructions with # 1 for how to report this type of problem too except in the body of the message you’d also state the page number in the textbook.

3.       Places where InQuizitive says you have the information in a visual (a map or picture or something like that) to answer questions but there is not enough information there for you to answer those questions even if you go back to the textbook and read about the visual there.
Use the instructions with # 1 for how to report this type of problem too.


4.       If you see another type of problem that should be reported because knowing it would help you all work better and faster, please email me and I will add it to the instructions.


Caution: you will find the problems in #2 and 3 above only if you do what you ought to be doing anyway if you plan to do well in Unit Exams (both written and objective):

·         Use InQuizitive with your textbook open to the pages it says.

·         Read the feedback when you click an answer.

What Will Happen after Chapter 2?
If the forum solves the problem of occasional problems in InQuizitive, we are likely to continue it and increase the points for all Units accordingly.