Welcome to the Class!


 To get started, please select Learning Modules from the left hand menu and begin by reading through the “Getting Started: Course Overview and Orientation” module. This section provides important information regarding how this course will function and what will be expected of you.


1.       Read the course Syllabus & Schedule carefully! This document explains everything you need to know about this course in terms of policies, guidelines, course outlines, and assessments. I will not answer questions that have already been addressed by the course syllabus but rather direct you back to the syllabus.

The last page of this document lists the important due dates for the course. Also, make sure that you check the Homepage and Messages every time you log in so that you don't miss important information.

2.       Complete Syllabus Acknowledgement Quiz. Please note that you must complete the “syllabus acknowledgment” quiz (acknowledging that you have received the syllabus and are aware of its contents) within the first three days of class. The quiz does not earn points, but you cannot see any of the quizzes on content or complete the course if you have not taken this quiz.


3.       Review the Course Orientation. This material will explain some of the key aspects of the course such as specific requirements, contact information, and guidelines on how to use the Discussion Board when communicating with other students in the class. It will also ask you to complete several graded tasks that must be completed within the first week of class.


4.       Review what is available to you in the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). It includes answers to common questions, but it also has how-to-do-it tips on using course resources, including on working well but faster.  

5.       If you have any questions, please ask right away! The first week is very critical for a smooth sailing semester. If you do not pay close attention to the details in the course documents, you are likely to encounter bigger problems later.


6.       After you have reviewed all of the materials in the learning modules, you need to mark the Getting Started module as reviewed before the course content units will become visible. By marking the section as “reviewed,” you are indicating to me that you have actually read the information contained in each of the documents.


**Please Note: This is NOT a self-paced course. Materials open and close on a schedule and may not become visible until a specified point in the course. Please use the course schedule as your guide as to when material opens and closes. Some of the dates for the units overlap in order to give students maximum flexibility during each unit.

With thanks to WCJC’s Director of Distance Education, Professor Michele Betancourt, for her permission to use her Getting Started documents (including her exact words) in the Getting Started sections of our WCJC courses.