The Method from the Faculty Member’s Perspective



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When hands done, show what I marked. Get them to dialog if I can or show what I marked


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1.       I turned the textbook to the probable page a student would use for the answer to this question. I opened the page where I can see it easily.

2.       I flipped through the stack of half-sheets of paper and graded all of the answers for this question and then the other five.

3.       I record on class sheets available from Banner to create a quick table that shows which question they answered, what standards they missed, whether they used the textbook, and a couple of other variables.

4.       I did what I did with all students what I did below with Student X’s paper:

·         If I could, I tried to stress the overall positive response to Student X’s potential.

·         Made a few history comments,

·         Wrote the numbers of the standards Student X needed to notice.

Note: everything written about students’ work is verifiable with the source. It is evidence-based feedback about their evidence for what they say

5.       When I returned the papers, I gave written instructions on what they were to do if they had a problem with a specific standard. For example Student X had trouble with two standards:


Write facts in your own words. For example, you cannot copy an author’s phrases without quotation marks or just replace a few words in an author’s sentence. This is what The Bedford Handbook calls “half-copy” plagiarism (page 692)


Write facts accurately. To write accurately, you must read accurately. Before you say something is true, you must check approved sources. If you are certain something is true and you cannot find it clearly in our sources, ask me for help.


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