What Happened Before This from the Student’s Perspective


What Did Students Know (or Have a Chance to Know) Before They Wrote the Assignment?

The basics from the first day:

·         The students had a copy of the Evidence Rubric in the syllabus.

·         I said I use the Evidence Rubric to grade when I grade anything that they write and what I notice most is their evidence—their proof.

·         The students had an online list of all possible terms that they might have to explain. The purpose stated for the list was so that they could read very carefully that content.

The mechanics:

·         The students knew, or were told, that on the day of the assignment, I would bring in a stack of ½ sheets of paper. Each would have 1 of the questions from all the possible questions.

·         Fate would determine which one of those possible terms each student would have to answer and that it was probable that every person around them would have a different term.

·         The goal of their preparation was that they understand the content in a common sense way



Student told:

all possible terms from beginning  so can read carefully

what I want is their understanding in a common sense way what you’d explain to your smart cousin—to do what a good reporter would do (motive for that) – 5 W’s

will record sometimes gifts (like spelling) but not penalize for those things and that I am going to grade using the evidence rubric

told how fate will determine And that can bring the textbook – no negative consequence on grade

I handed out by rows and now returned to them by rows


May be savable text from the proposal

what I asked them to do next


Students have to compare their work with the page(s) of the source that they used:

With 2a, students were to underline all words they used from the source—something that lets them recognize how few words they actually wrote.

With 3, students were to strike through all of their words that were not accurate based on the source.


With those instructions, I included a link to a reading method. In the survey I had done of 5 classes, the students had identified that they wanted me to do an oral explanation of that method. I eventually found that the best way for me to make that work was PowerPoint movies that let me show examples and talk about them. I wanted to make it as though we were sitting next to each other. The methods are very basic things, most of them from elementary school, but these students do not seem to know them.




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