The Method from the Student’s Perspective


Beth Linda--These notes are for me not understandable by you

1.     What goes here:

Have to find the file where thisalready and put the evidence rubric and the tasks here – 2 column table

·         #s 1 to 5 plus word [gift, not a zap: ]

·         The task
example 2a means probable copied authors words so must UNDERLINE each word you copied.
example 3 factually inaccurate then either find page where says or draw a single line through any statement not supported by the textbook

2.      I say the speal as I say it in class

·         the grade

·          possible carrot extra credit only for comparing their work and their source page, the link in Blackboard of what specific jobs they must do for each number)

·         Possible carrot for getting this straight—Habit ec

·         possible stick of not being allowed to do 100-pt. Comparison Assignment

3.      after enough raise their hands, I show the 3 examples plus clarify type like silvas – what really doing is teaching them the evidence rubric and what comparison show


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