How teachers can give evidence-based feedback on reading accurately and on reasoning based upon evidence - Examples of Teaching about and Measuring Plagiarism

The homepage How to Recognize Plagiarism at Indiana University Bloomington shows using a source with examples of students’ work makes it possible to accomplish two things for students:

1.       As part of a tutorial, to explain in few words
For an example:

2.       As part of assessment, to measure what the student thinks is correct to do and to give feedback based on that response
For an example:


The homepage is  FYI: This website also includes a section where a student can take a test and received a time-stamped certificate. To see that option, look for this at this homepage:
Test: if you pass, you can print a confirmation certificate


Caution: The expectation was that with a better tutorial these students would understand plagiarism and act accordingly. The students who submitted the confirmation certificate also submitted plagiarized work. As this source shows, these students seem to be very good at testing without learning.




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