How teachers can give evidence-based feedback on reading accurately and on reasoning based upon evidence - Examples of Teaching about and Measuring Plagiarism

The homepage How to Recognize Plagiarism at Indiana University Bloomington shows using a source with examples of students’ work makes it possible to accomplish two things for students:

1.       As part of a tutorial, to explain in few words
For an example:

2.       As part of assessment, to measure what the student thinks is correct to do and to give feedback based on that response
For an example:


The homepage is  FYI: This website also includes a section where a student can take a test and received a time-stamped certificate. To see that option, look for this at this homepage:
Test: if you pass, you can print a confirmation certificate


Caution: The expectation was that with a better tutorial these students would understand plagiarism and act accordingly. Students submitted the confirmation certificate also submitted copied work. As one of the sources I provide for the presentation, they are very good at testing without learning.




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