How teachers can give evidence-based feedback on reading accurately and on reasoning based upon evidence - Examples of Teaching Content and of Measuring Students’ Work

Using a source with examples of students’ work makes it possible to give evidence-based feedback on reading:

1.       If you want to have a dialog between students and perhaps with the teacher about complex context, having all use the same source helps learning.
For an example: - This is only one aspect of the Reading Apprenticeship program.

For more about the Reading Apprenticeship, see these URLs:

· - with links including Publications and Research & Results

· - an interview, including the teacher in the video example


2.       If you want to grade written assignments, you can measure what the student read and give feedback accordingly.



FYI: Having students use only approved sources does not restrict instructors:

·         To one source

·         To the same sources as other instructors

·         Or to any other limitation on content


It just makes it possible to give evidence-based feedback about how well the students used evidence—how well they read.


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