How History Changes, What Is a Comparison in This Course, and How Can Doing Comparisons Help You? One of the things that makes history difficult for people to understand is that history changes. For example, something that can be a true statement about 1620 can be a false statement by 1660 or 1865 (for US History I) and about 1865 can also be a false statement about 1896 or 1954 or 1965 (for US History II). Focusing on a single issue or group from the beginning to the end of a time period can help you identify what you misunderstood and recognize how history changed. History can change and people made a difference in what happened in the nation’s history—for good or for bad. Further, all changes (whether for good or bad) can be reversed—and once again it is people who protect change or reverse it.


In this course, a Comparison means you compare two time periods experienced by a specific group. For example, with the first Comparison, you compare two time periods experienced by blacks in the South.


Comparisons are a practical writing assignment that can help you in many ways:




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