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Information for US History I and US History II Students

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Information for US History I Students Since some of you asked for these things, here they are:


If there are words on the list that you do not know, use this dictionary:
https://www.merriam-webster.com/ - Notice only the parts of the definition that are about history.

         This the URL for the Unit 1 Study Guide. http://www.cjbibus.com/1301_Unit_1_Study_Guide_OC.pdf

Tips from the Course Plan on how to use the Study Guide with the Textbook

Caution: Just because something is in the textbook does not mean it will be on the test. For example, we only examine a few, representative Native American tribes.

Unit Objective Exams Use the Study Guide at the top of each Unit to see a list of all facts required from the textbook.
Tip to Succeed:

1.     Print the Study Guide and use it to record so you can review easily. (Tip: print Study Guides landscape instead of portrait to have more room to write.)

2.     As you work through the list, look up a fact in the index (back of the book) and write the page number(s) where you found the information next to the fact. Also write 1 to 3 words as a reminder of that fact.

3.       When you are ready to review for the exam, use the study guide as a way to self-test by explaining aloud each fact. If you cannot remember, use the page number you wrote to refresh your memory.
Tip to Avoid Error: To avoid error in understanding a fact that carries over to the next Unit, before you look at the index, look at the Course Schedule to see the last chapter covered in the Unit and its last page number. When you use the index, do not use any page after that last page number.


         This is the URL for the topics for Chapter 1: http://www.cjbibus.com/Topics_1301_1400s_to_1500_Backgrounds.pdf

Information for US History II Students

Copy this URL into your browser and you can see the concepts list for Unit 1. We will work on them in our next class.