What We Will Cover in the Remainder of Unit 2 Repeated for Chapters 7, 8, 9, and 10

Seeing How History Changes from 1800 to the 1840s

       What are the new geographic sections of America?

       What are the general changes:

o   In new technologies of transportation that change geographic relationships?

o   In productivity of new and old land

o   In capital

o   In what populations are surplus and scarce?

       What are significant elections and what are changes in voting

       What happens with slavery and the new territories? Slavery and voting?

       What happens with the Native Americans?

       What and who changes with the Supreme Court?

       What happens with financial policies since the time of Hamilton to the 1840s?


Click here for a printable 1-page chart of these transformations with a 2nd page as a resource on the Supreme Court in this era and the change to universal white male suffrage by the end of this period.
Or click here for a Printable PDF of this same resource.


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