Trying to make a picture to help you since 75% of this class have never been in a distance learning class.

My Past Experience with Students with Learning Discussions

Discussions where students can ask and answer questions have greatly helped students for years. It can do the same thing for each of you.

Also, these discussions are:

·         The easiest points to earn in the course

·         A way to get and give help so everyone works in less time.

·         A way to practice basic skills in the workplace or with your own company someday. No one wants to have read every word in every post to guess its subject.

The Present and Your Future

Let’s try a start over (with help for your points) for those who are willing to say they will try to do this.

What Do You Do

1.       Here is a picture of My Grades for what Blackboard calls my “Preview Student.” Notice the little --called a Comment-- beside Unit 1 Learning Discussion.

2.       Some of you have other Comments, but if you have one with Unit 1 Learning Discussion and if you click on it, you see this offer or a similarly worded offer.

FYI: if you did not post at all, then there is an offer to change how you work in Unit 2 and thereby overwrite this 0 grade.


3.       Go read your Comment and do what it says.


4.       If you have other Comments, click on them and do what they say. You can make some points and get a fresh start.

Time limit: Wednesday 9/25 at 11:59 PM—but the earlier the better.