This email is meant to be a way that all students (those who used the content for the questions and also followed the 5 Good Habits for Evidence and those who did not) have the highest grades possible and also figure how to be successful in the future. I would not be doing this if I did not think that you ALL can do this. Having habits that do not match the assignment is not the same thing as not being capable.

Here are the 2 deals that make this work worthwhile:

1.       If you catch your own mistakes (the mistakes that I am seeing and am so worried about), your grade for the 20 full points for its Good Habits for Evidence grade will be as though you never made the mistakes. Depending on what you observe, your grade for the content itself will go up.

2.       Plus, if you follow the Good Habits for Evidence on Unit 2 Written Exam, then I am willing to enter the full 20 points for Unit 3 Written Exam’s Good Habits for Evidence and to average the two Unit Written Exams and place that grade in Unit 3 Written Exam’s grade. Note: your writing does not have to be pretty, but you must follow those 5 basic Good Habits for Evidence.


The answers below are due as an email reply by 11:59 PM on Monday 9/28. If you have a conflict with that date, email me and let’s see what we can work out.


Because answering within an email can be hard to see, I have attached a file with the same words. If you prefer, download the attachment, rename with your last name and then first name at the beginning, complete it, and then attach it when you reply to this email.


Caution: I will cease reading this email and you will get a 0 if you rewrite your answer or if you ignore the directions or skip a step.


Step 1: Copy and paste immediately below the question Blackboard displayed and the answer you submitted.

If you don’t know how to see that, click this link to see how to copy and paste your Written Exam Question and Answer or copy this link into a browser


Place the question here:


Place your answer here:



Step 2: If you used any source other than your textbook or the required primaries provided for each chapter, then state it. If you used a website or websites, provide the URL or URLs.


Under the policy stated in the syllabus, you would get a 0 for the assignment if you used another source than the listed one. For this time only, stating it will not result in a 0. Caution: I have some answers that I will run through Turnitin if I don’t get the responses I expect to this question so please, if you did this, say it now.


Step 3: Go look at the pages of the textbook that you using. Carefully compare what you wrote with what is in your textbook.

a)      If you already gave the page numbers, then double-check your work.

b)      If you did not give page numbers, after–notice the word AFTER—each fact provide the—notice that the means 1 page number—page number where I can find that fact in your textbook.
Note: If ½ of your sentence is from page 61 and the other ½ is from 62, then you’d write 61 after the first ½ of the sentence and 62 after the second ½.

c)       If you wrote something that was your assumption, your opinion, a misreading of what was in the textbook, or something that you now know the textbook author did not support, then AFTER that phrase or sentence write the words


Step 4: Carefully comparing what you wrote with what is in your textbook, underline (like this) any words that are exactly the same as the words in the textbook.

·         If you had quotation marks (“”) around those words in the way required by The Bedford Handbook, you did not plagiarize.
On the other hand, you should avoid just having a series of quotations. You should choose them well and—in your own words—say what those quotations show the reader.

·         If you did not have the required quotation marks (“”), you plagiarized or did what some call “half-copy” plagiarism or “patchwriting.”
This is very dangerous to your future. See Good Habit for Evidence 4: No “Half-Copy” Plagiarism or “Patchwriting”


Step 5: Carefully comparing (letter by letter) what you wrote and placed in quotation marks (“”) with what is in your textbook,

·         Did you change any the author’s words without revealing those changes to the reader in the way required by The Bedford Handbook?
If you did, write BELOW your answer what you wrote and what the author wrote.

·         Did your changes alter the author’s meaning? Caution: swapping a letter p with a letter b can create a different meaning with some words.
If you did, write BELOW your answer the meaning of the author’s word and of the word you used instead.


Step 6: Looking carefully at the question as it was written, did you use the right pages to answer it? If not, list below the pages you should have used.


·         If a question was about something in the early period or the late period and there was content about these colonies in two different chapters and two different time periods, did you use pages for the right one?

·         If a question was about the Protestant Reformation, did you refresh yourself on that information by using the index to locate the pages?

·         If a question said to examine consequences on one group or point of view or another, did you?

·         If a question said to examine what led to the American Revolution, did you go to 1776 at least?


Step 7: Looking at the required primaries for each chapter, are there primaries that—if you had used them—you would have known that some of your statements were false? If so, state its name.


Step 8: Looking carefully at everything you have observed above, mark with an X to the left of each the Good Habits for Evidence you need to work on:

·         Good Habit for Evidence 1: Reliable Sources Only

·         Good Habit for Evidence 2: Factual Accuracy That You Verify with the Reliable Source Before You Write

·         Good Habit for Evidence 3: Factual Accuracy That Is Verifiable for Every Statement You Make

·         Good Habit for Evidence 4: No “Half-Copy” Plagiarism or “Patchwriting

·         Good Habit for Evidence 5: Quotation Changes Revealed Clearly