What Do We and You Do on the Introductory Lab Day

If you have used one of my courses before, you do not have to come to the lab. You must, however, finish the work before your class period ends on the day of your class lab.

1.       Reminder:

This is a working lab for a grade and Blackboard will show the work you do.


Being quiet and productive is required for the points and to stay in the lab.


2.       I will show you how to login to Blackboard at the end.

3.       If you need help with browsers - See Help & Resources on Blackboard.

4.       If you need the Adobe Reader - See Help & Resources on Blackboard.

5.       I show you what a Unit looks like. They are all the same.

6.       I show you the 2 ways to get to Learning Quizzes and Evidence Quiz (focus on these first).

7.       I show you how a Self-Test and its Full-Test works.

You take a Self-Test

You are right 80% or more of the questions.

Notice what you missed.

You are right 79% or fewer of the questions.

Jot down what you missed—not the whole question but brief words. Tip: You can always go back to look at the Self-Test again.

Blackboard sometimes displays resources, such as dictionary definitions.
If you made more than a 0, Blackboard always displays the Full-Test.

Blackboard sometimes displays resources, such as dictionary definitions. If it does, use Ctrl-F (Find) to search the resources for what you missed. (Ask if you need help.)

If Blackboard does not display the Full-Test, you made a 0 on the Self-Test. Email bibusc@wcjc.edu with your name, class, and the exact name of the Self-Test.

If you want to, you may take the Full-Test.

You take its Full-Test until you understand.

When the Unit tests close,
your instructor enters Full points for you.

Your highest score counts.

You have the Full points
because you already knew it.

You have the Full points
because you taught yourself.



8.       Login to Blackboard: I need a volunteer to login since my student account cannot log in.

·         Your Banner IDs
Tip: I have everyone’s Banner IDs.
Caution: I have no way to know your password.

·         Your password to Blackboard – if you have a new one from this term
(Unless Blackboard changed, all passwords are cleared at the end of each term.)

What does the screen say you do if you do not have a password?



·         Coming into This Course

·         And where you should never go.

9.       Your job in the lab or before it is to:

a)      Log in successfully.

b)      Click on Course Messages and find my email to you and answer it.

c)       Take the 4 Evidence Quiz Self-Tests. Tip: Try to answer correctly so you know what you know.

d)      If you make less than 80% on a Self-Test, then you should take the Full-Test enough to score more than 80%. (You do not have to do it on the day of the lab, but--if you do not—you are likely to forget.)


You earn 10 points for doing this, but the real incentive is you get it done in class time.


Tip: My plan is to make Unit 1 visible work after the lab for the last class:

·         For US History I = 12:05 9/10

·         For US History II = 12:00 9/9


Additional Purpose:  You start the habit of doing this work. It is not easy but think of it as a reliable paycheck for your work.

·         You can pre-earn 200 points out of the 1000 for Learning Quizzes  + 40 more for Evidence Quiz -= 240 points out of the 1000.

·         You can pre-learn about 1/3 of each Unit 1 Exam, Unit 2 Exam, and Unit 3 Exam.
That’s potentially 30 + 30 +30 =90 points out of the 1000.

·         If you do the Learning Quizzes and Evidence Quizzes before the due date in the Announcements in your course, you get 1 point extra credit.


10.   Unless you are on your own computer, make sure you Log out.