How to Determine What Points Equal What Letter Grade for Each Type of Assignment


This is obviously incomplete.

Objective Exams and Quizzes

Objective exams are tests that can be graded by machine—either with a Scan-Tron or by Blackboard.

Unit Objective Exams Worth 170 Points (4.25 points for 40 Questions)

Click here for the scale showing the 170-point objective test.


Essay Exam, the Major Writing Assignment, and Other Writing Work

Essay exams and writing work can be graded only by your instructor. Essay exams and the Major Writing Assignment are graded using these rubrics. They have exactly the same criteria and the same requirements for Good Habits for Evidence. All that is different is the number of points.


·         Rubric for a Unit 1 Essay worth 20 Points Each

·         Rubric for the Major Writing Assignment worth 100 Points



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