Why and How to Use the Links at Your Course Website


Why You Want to Use Your Course Website

The links on your course webpage for your on-campus class provides resources that I will show you how to use in class. The content for each course is split in three time periods or Units. Each Unit is also organized in exactly the same way.


The resources for your class are meant:

§         to help you save time while learning

§         to try to match students’ different preferences for learning

§         to provide additional resources and reference information for those who want or need them


What to Do If You Have Limited or No Internet Access

If you have limited Internet access, see me for how you can have the benefit of online resources with less or no time online.


If you need help in learning how to do use online resources, please ask. I am glad to help you. If you prefer to look at tips on your own, click here for how to view and save links.


If you do not have any Internet access, we can work together to find a solution that matches your situation.


3 Tips about the Course Website That Seem to Help Students



You see the content that you need when it is time for you to use it.


The content in the web pages to the parts of the course will be visible on the date in the Course Schedule at the end of the syllabus.



  • If you click on it earlier than that date, you see a reminder of that.
  • If you think the new content should be visible and it is not, please send an email to bibusc@wcjc.edu so I can check. I appreciate the help.



You can use these resources in the way best for you—just look at them online, print them, or save them to your computer or to a flash drive.


I have no problem with your saving my files to your computer or flash drive. If I think it will help you to save the file, then I say that in class and next to the link.



If you find it easy to know exactly where you are when you use the Internet, then quit reading here. If you do not, then these steps may help you as much as they help me:

§         First, put your cursor over the link you want to use.

§         Second, click on the right mouse button to display a small popup menu.

§         Third, select Open in New Window to see that link in a small, separate window on top of your original screen.





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