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Opportunity to do the orientation on your own or in a session:


The plan is to email the form (as an attachment) to each class before the session begins at 9. Wednesday. The 2 links below it will come as URLs—as they are here.


If You Are in the Session

I am expecting to have people from different classes here and I want to help you with the correct information for your class.

1.    On the roll for your class, sign in. Please write:

·         Your name

·         Date and time you came.

2.    Pick up a form to use to submit that you finished the work. U.S. History I and II have different assignments, so make sure you pick up a form for your class:

·         For 1301 (U.S. History I)

·         For 1302 (U.S. History II)

3.    While in the session, do these things:

·         Bring up the links to the instructions so you can see them as you work.
You will find them in a link in the Course Documents folder at the top of Learning Units & All Assignments

·         If you don’t know what to do at some step, ask your instructor what to do, not the person next to you. (The person next to you may be a great person but that does not mean they know how to register InQuizitive. I saw many students mess up because of that at the beginning of the fall term.)

·         Write on the back of your form in BIG print so I can see it if we talk and I can make sure I answer what is accurate for your group

·   Your last name, your first name

·   Letters for your class days (MWF or TT)

·   Starting time of your class (8, 9, 10:50, 11)

Example: If you are Jo Young in the 8 am class on TT, you’d write on the back:

Young, Jo  TT 8



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