What the Corresponding Colors Mean in the Student Example and in the Source (the Textbook Pages)

Highlight, blue

Facts do exist for this in the source.

Highlight, pink (a reddish one on pages)

This word is from the source. A few words indicates passive reading; many words, plagiarism or “half-copy” plagiarism. Highlighting a single letter in pink (such as leave) means the student just used a different form (such as left) of a word from the source.

Highlight, yellow

This section of the source is misread or the student never read the required source. Highlighting a quotation mark () indicates the student changed the quotation without revealing the changes.

Highlight, green

Highlighting a quotation mark () indicates the student used the required quotation marks correctly.

Student 2—How the Student Worked Led to Errors in All the Evidence

You can’t just say “stuff.” You must read the required source and be sure all of your statements are supported by that evidence in the source.

Student 2 wrote this answer: Grant's Peace Policy helps the Native Americans get on their own feet to work for living and freedom. Also, lets their children get educated. The Grant's Peace Policy was to take justice to its right place. The Dawes Severalty Act lets Native Americans to have land to build a home for them to live in. Also, the act lets Native Americans have the rights to pick where they want to live. This also includes water, electricity. But the Dawes Severalty Act limits how much the Native Americans can have of land, water, and electricity, and get paid


In this case, no snippet from the source pages is useful because nothing in the student’s essay corresponds to the required source—or even to the time period. (Where is there evidence of use of electricity on the plains in the 1880s or that the Dawes Act dealt with pay for the Indians?)


If you want to see the pages from the source, click on the links for what our textbook says about Grant’s “Peace Policy” and about the Dawes Severalty Act.




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