What Is Self-Testing?

When You See a Resource Labeled as for Self-Testing

Frequently in this course, I provide two versions of the same resource:


The resources for Self-Testing are for the same reason that I let you test yourself using quizzes. To learn, you first must realize that you do NOT know.

How Do I Recommend That You Use the Two Versions of the Same Resource?

With some of the content, it is fine for you just to try in your mind to fill in the table for self-testing enough to realize that you do not know.


With the content where you have to write or where you missed a question, I would do this:

  1. Print the version for self-testing or take a piece of notebook paper and sketch the columns.
  2. Read the content for a column.
  3. Try to fill in the column with your brief, reminder-type answers and the page number where you are reading.

·         Brief means it fits in the column.

·         Reminder-type answers means you are reminding yourself of what you understood, not paraphrasing  the original source.

Example of a grocery list reminder to yourself:
You would write: ˝ gal milk
You would not write: one half-gallon of milk pasteurized in the white box with red letters and the store brand


  1. Compare your answers to mine. Do not worry about the words being the same—but be sure the meaning is the same.
  2. If I saw things in the source that you didn’t, go look at the source again.
  3. If you still do not understand, ask.



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