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What Should You Record as You Use the Check Your Knowledge Quiz and What Do You Do Next?

Where Do You Record on the File or the Printed Copy of a Check Your Knowledge Quiz?

If you do not know how to use a file instead of printing the pages, just ask me.


Basic rules to help your brain:

1.     Never mark your answer on the question itself. Example: Never highlight the answer or circle it.

2.     Write what you think is the answer to each question in the left margin

3.     If you are just guessing, write a question mark next to it.

4.     After you get the results from entering those answers into Blackboard, come back to the file or print and write a thin line through the wrong answer and then write the correct answer next to it.
Make sure you can still read the ? if you were guessing and your original choice of the answer.


 If you don’t know why those rules will help you, then ask. Glad to help.

What You Do Next?

You now know:

·         what you know (and don’t have to read)

·         and what you guessed or missed (and do have to read)


Using that knowledge, do what people frequently call “read over” the chapters that cover this content.


(Record such things as what you missed and why, the textbook page numbers where you found information, and what quiz questions are also part of Comparison Topics.)



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