Introduction to the Final Exam



Tip: First focus on your Unit 3 objective. You may, however, find the maps helpful in preparing for the Unit 3 objective.


You will have a 100-point, 50-question Final Exam. The Final Exam you will take is similar in structure and language to the pre-test you took at the beginning of the course. It is not like the language in our Quizzes A through I.


To my knowledge, in your course quiz questions and essay questions, you have had all of the facts covered in the Final Exam; however, the language is not the same.


This Quiz J—pulled from Quizzes A through I—can help you refresh your memory. It is set up with maps and matching to help you refresh on meaning and not on exact words. On the day of the Final, you will also have 20 questions (at ˝ point each) pulled from the quiz below. You will do them on the back of the scan-tron you use for the Final Exam.


Quiz Ja-Jh – take the test and grade yourself then reread what you do not know. Memorization will fail.
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