Links from Your Instructor for Chapter 11 Same as Chapter 12


The link provided with the last chapters of Unit 2 continues to be an aid. Note: the slave rebellions and protests that are listed in the chart are covered in Chapter 11 and Chapter 12. Endnotes state the page number in the textbook.

         The transformation of the nation between circa 1800 to circa 1820 (a midpoint) to circa 1840 a chart that lets you see all of major changes from 1800 to 1840. (This opens in a New Window.)


Optional Reference on the Transformation in North and South

         Use the issues in the Purpose below to review the Comparison of the Sections and Examination of Reform from the 1830s to the Civil War You are not reading everything. You are comparing patterns and reading the spots listed below.

         What is the difference in the North and South in literacy, education, government, economy, and religion?

         What is the difference in the North and South in reforms?

         Where are Americans (and immigrants) moving?

         When you look at the differences in the North and South, ask yourself who is likely to win a long war?

Optional Reference General (Applicable to All of the Remaining Content in the Course):

         Summary of Revolutionary Trends Around the World

         Summary of Trends in Slavery Around the World

         Summary of Political Parties 1789-1876




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