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What is self-testing and how can it help you?


Tips: What Helps Learning?

Seeing How History Changes

Most links place historical facts in a table so you can easily compare them. You are not memorizing all of the facts placed in these tables. Instead, you are using those facts to notice changes and patterns. To help you, most links provide tips on what to notice.


         1860-1877 Quick Reference to the Civil War and to Reconstruction.

         Watch for cause and effect. Look to see what happens between events. Do not assume anything. Let the events talk to you. One brain trick is to ask yourself: if the events you are seeing were a boxing match, what would you think?


         Study Tool: Chronological Events of the 1867-1877 Era (compressed to 1 page) Purpose:

         Notice the color coding

         events of corruption and SCANDALS in this era


         If you were living in this era and reading the newspaper, what would you be thinking is happening?





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