German War Guilt clause, Rise of Fascism, and the Munich Agreement (How did these events interconnect?)

Required Readings for the Essays

German War Guilt clause, Rise of Fascism, and the Munich Agreement (How did these events interconnect?)







Required Preparation: For German War Guilt clause, look in Chapter 22, heading “The Terms of the Peace” and “Wilson and the Treaty of Versailles.”

It also is on p. 665: look for the words "to avenge the 'humiliation of Versailles."

Required Preparation: For Fascism, look in Chapter 25, heading The Fascist Challenge.

Required Preparation: for the rest, use the index.




Required Preparation: This shows placing #s (1, 2, 3…) or letters (A, B, C…) beside lists where the author is revealing a set of things leading to something. You are not doing that to memorize but to make yourself observe and to make you recognize what is in that set.


Assumptions about the War Guilt clause and the Germans

·         Some of you read the pages from Chapter 22 carelessly and assumed badly. Your textbook tells you that Wilson won some battles with the British and the French over the treaty and lost some. He lost on the “war guilt clause.” He did not want it.

·         Some of you assumed because the Germans signed the treaty they were guilty of starting the war. Nope. Go look at Chapter 22 and the heading “Wilson’s Peace Program” (page 583-584 in the 4th edition). The Russian czar had archives and the Russian communists exposed that “secret treaties” between France, Britain, and Russia were “dividing up Europe and the Middle East once victory was achieved.” That does not sound innocent.

·          Further, the Germans came to the peace table expecting to negotiate under Wilson’s 14 Points (p. 588). That does not happen. No wonder the Germans are so angry at having to sign because they had put down their weapons and being stuck with the blame for the war and the bill for the war (those reparations).

·          There are “millions” of Germans who support the Nazis over the Nazi’s opposition to this clause and over the other two parts of their program listed on page 665. Hitler and the Nazis made use of existing feelings by Germans.

·         Hitler also made use of the self-determination for other nations, but not for the Germans who were put within Czechoslovakia at the peace treaty. Look at what he says to justify the take overs of Austria and the Sudetenland.


The 5 Ws I Would Have Made If Were You 

Once you have read using the method I provided for you in the aid for the Major Essay (the link just under the instructions), this method lets you understand, not just type the author’s words. It’s fast and works with anything real (including a memo to a boss). I take another color and make a check box for what I plan to write. I practice saying it aloud for 3 or so times and I dictate to myself as I type.

if you look at the pages that I cite to the right of the label, you will be able to better guess the meaning. If you follow the lines across the page, you will see for yourself the interconnections.



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