Links from Your Instructor for Chapter 18: Society and Politics in the Gilded Age, 1865–1900



Self-Testing Using Answers to Observe Patterns about Government

·         Without answers for self-testing: Comparison of Governmental Actions from 1883 through the 1890s
With answers for observing patterns: Comparison with Answers
Purpose: Look at all the problems faced by workers and by farmers. What is government’s goal at this time?
Notice the new governmental form of the commission—it will be an issue not just in Unit 2 and 3, but through today.



Optional Reference: Chronologies to Help You See Changes and Interconnections

Optional Reference

  • Snapshot of America in the 1870s-1890s (PDF) – This provides a searchable resource.
    Purpose: Notice what is going on in different areas of American life, including broad trends such as the economy and specific information about groups, such as women. We will also later compare those same areas of American life in Unit 2 with the period between 1895 and 1920 and during the 1920s.

Optional Background: the Study Tool of Chronological Events from the Period before 1877

·         Notice the color coding of events of corruption and SCANDALS in this era and  WHO EXPOSES THAT CORRUPTION.
If you were living in this era and reading the newspaper, what would you be
thinking is happening?





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