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What is self-testing and how can it help you?


Tips: What Helps Learning?


Seeing How History Changes

Most links place historical facts in a table so you can easily compare them. You are not memorizing all of the facts placed in these tables. Instead, you are using those facts to notice changes and patterns. To help you, most links provide tips on what to notice.


·         Study Tool: Chronological Events of the 1929-1933 Era (Republican administration of Hoover and the Great Crash and the first years of the depression. These problems started before Hoover’s administration.)

-       Notice the categories of laborers, farmers, and veterans and the new category of the unemployed.

-       Notice government efforts to help business and later to provide relief.

-       Notice foreign policy changes.

Note: your textbook covers very well:

-       Reasons for the failure of the stock market

-       The crisis of liquidity of the banks and the failure of the banks and how that interconnects with the stock market

-       The problem with the country’s fundamentals for the rich, farmers, and business-- including the GNP and market saturation

-       The conditions of workers and about the responses in the first three years of this depression

·         Tools to help you see the crisis on a single page and to see the connection between each problem in the crisis and each policy in the New Deal:

-       The table of problems without the New Deal Solutions – Try to complete the right side of the chart on your own before you look at the answers.

-       The table of problems with the New Deal Solutions


Reference If You Have a Question

·         About events and programs from 1933 to 1939, Study Tool: Chronological Events of the 1933-1939 Era 
Footnotes provide descriptions to help you keep this era straight.– Use Ctrl-F to display a Find box and enter the word you are looking for or scroll down to look through this chronologically.





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